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International Investment Fraud Lawyers

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$950,000 recovery from brokerage firm that negligently approved a fraudulent investment product for sale to customers and negligently supervised its broker.

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International Investment Fraud Lawyers

Protecting Investors Across the World

At Levin Law, our international investment fraud lawyers are committed to recovering losses for individuals and groups living outside of the United States who have lost money with a United States-based financial institution, brokerage firm, investment advisor, or bank. If you are a foreign investor who has suffered serious financial losses due to broker misconduct or investment fraud, please contact us. Our firm has the experience, and resources to service your needs.

Investment Fraud Cases in the U.S.

Our investment fraud attorneys are well versed in all aspects of the securities industry, its inner workings, and government regulations. We have significant experience successfully resolving investor claims against unscrupulous brokers and financial advisors through all methods of legal recourse, including FINRA arbitration, other forms of international arbitration, state and federal courts, and in mediation.

Our attorneys have successfully recovered significant financial losses for foreign investors in Latin America as well as other countries. We welcome inquiries from investors in Europe, South America, Central America, and Asia.

We have handled investor claims involving a broad range of unlawful activities involving:

  • Ponzi schemes
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Structured products
  • Real estate funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Leveraged securities
  • Options
  • Puts
  • Calls
  • Oil, gas, and energy fraudulent investments
  • Interest-rate swaps
  • International swaps and derivative contracts (ISDA)
  • Stockbroker misconduct such as unauthorized trading, improper asset allocation, excessive trading, misrepresentation, and omission of material facts

Cost-Effective and Confidential Legal Service

We strive to make our investment fraud representation as effective and efficient for you.  Regardless of where you’re located in the world, Levin Law can meet with you to discuss how to recover your investment losses effectively.

Many foreign investors invest in the U.S. due to its reputation for safety and relative stability. When dishonest or negligent financial advisors betray this safety, Levin Law will fight for you to recover your investment and financial losses.

Contact an international investment fraud attorney at (305) 402-9050 today.  We look forward to speaking with you to determine your options through a free case evaluation.

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