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Miami Financial Industry and Private Banking Bonus Disputes

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Miami Financial Industry and Private Banking Employment Lawyers

In the financial industry, employees are often paid by salary and with a year-end bonus. These bonuses may be referred to as incentive compensation and, in many cases, comprise a significant portion of an employee’s compensation for the year. Where an employee has been denied this bonus or offered a substantially reduced bonus for whatever reason, or terminated shortly before a bonus is to be paid, he or she may need the assistance of a competent employment law attorney.

Levin Law represents securities industry professionals, private bankers, hedge fund managers, analysts, and private equity executives in resolving these disputes through private negotiation, arbitration, or litigation. Our Miami financial and banking industry employment attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the inner workings of this industry. We offer responsive and aggressive legal assistance that is backed by more than a decade of successfully resolving financial industry-related legal matters.

Facts About Compensation Disputes

Generally, most financial industry firms dispense year-end bonuses in the first few months of the following year. In some cases, if an employee is forced to resign, is laid off, or is terminated shortly before the bonus is supposed to be paid, the employer may fail to pay the employee the money that he or she is owed.

Levin Law represents the following employees, partners, and executives in bonus and carried-interest disputes:

  • Professional securities traders
  • Investment bankers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Hedge fund managers
  • Hedge fund analysts
  • Commodities and futures traders
  • Senior managers
  • Analysts
  • Private bankers
  • Bond traders
  • Investment advisors
  • Currency traders
  • Derivative traders
  • Institutional bankers, brokers, and financial advisors

What We Offer

We offer focused legal representation designed to resolve your litigation issue as expeditiously as possible through mediation/negotiation, arbitration, or in court. Our experienced and aggressive trial lawyers have the knowledge and skills to effectively address your issue no matter how complex it may seem. We will always work within the confines of your goals and business plan pursuing the most efficient and cost-effective resolution that will work for you.

Let us use our legal and financial industry knowledge to help you obtain the compensation you have earned and to which you are entitled.

Contact a Miami financial and banking industry employment attorney at (305) 402-9050 today.  We look forward to speaking with you to determine your options through a free case evaluation.

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