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Miami Securities Fraud Class Actions Lawyers

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$950,000 recovery from brokerage firm that negligently approved a fraudulent investment product for sale to customers and negligently supervised its broker.

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Protecting Investors Worldwide From Corporate Misconduct

Both individual and institutional investors may suffer financial losses as a result of securities fraud.  In such instances, some investors may benefit by filing a class action for damages caused by such unethical practices or actions on the part of investment managers, stockbrokers, and more.  In a class action lawsuit, a single individual or institutional investor files a claim on behalf of a larger group or proposed “class.”

Class action lawsuits help groups whose losses may be too small or too difficult to file individual lawsuits.  In such class actions, the individual files a case on behalf of the entire class or individuals and/or entities who have suffered such financial losses as a result of common wrongdoing to seek a financial recovery for losses.

Securities Fraud Class Action Lawsuits

Securities fraud involves negligence, intentional misrepresentation, omissions, stock market manipulation, and other misconduct relating to investment vehicles.

This type of fraud can include,  but is not limited to:

  • Accounting fraud
  • Unethical mutual fund practices
  • Unauthorized trading
  • Undisclosed fees and commissions
  • Ponzi or pyramid schemes
  • Misrepresentation or omissions of facts
  • Affinity fraud (exploitation of a specific ethnic, religious, professional, or age group)

Levin Law’s Experience, Dedication, and Skill

The Miami securities fraud class action lawyers at our firm represent individual and institutional clients who have been victimized through any type of misconduct.  We use our skills and resources to pursue justice on your behalf against corporate wrongdoers.  Our attorneys have obtained substantial financial recoveries for defrauded investors in the United States and abroad.  We offer effective legal representation through all phases of litigation. 

We encourage you to contact us for a free evaluation of your securities fraud case.  We handle cases on a contingency fee basis.

Contact a Miami securities fraud class action attorney at (305) 402-9050 today.  We look forward to speaking with you to determine your options through a free case evaluation.

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