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Miami Class Actions Attorneys

Representing Consumers in Class Actions and Mass Action Litigation

Individuals and companies often suffer damages from a common wrong.  In such instances, our class action attorneys in Miami can help obtain compensation for such victims.  We are always investigating cases where consumers have been the victims of fraudulent or deceptive conduct, where consumers have purchased defective or unsafe products, or have suffered injuries from defective drugs or products.

Class action lawsuits can involve any type of claim against companies with those involving defective consumer, medical, and pharmaceutical products being the most commonly recognized. They can, however, also include lawsuits filed against members of the financial and securities industries, including financial advisors, banks, and brokerages as well as multi-level marketing companies and other businesses for fraudulent information and business practices.

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Advantages of a Class Action Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits are beneficial in many ways. They allow a class of victims to pursue a claim against a large entity that would be too costly and complicated for individuals to undertake by themselves. They also save taxpayers in court costs from having to pay for the prosecution of thousands of individual cases as opposed to one. Finally, successful class actions result in wrongdoers’ having to admit their guilt, correct their mistakes, and compensate all those who were harmed by their faulty products or actions.

Starting a Class Action Lawsuit

If you feel you have the grounds to start a class action lawsuit, you will need the professional services of an attorney who is skilled in handling class action lawsuits. In general, class action lawsuits tend to be extremely complex requiring tenacity, competency, skill, and a thorough working knowledge of the laws concerning the wrongdoing, and the legal procedures involved in pursuing such claims in a state or federal court.

The Miami class action attorneys at Levin Law can provide all the legal help you need in this endeavor. We are well-schooled in class actions, especially those involving consumer protection and investment fraud.

Contact a Miami class actions attorney at (305) 402-9050 today.  We look forward to speaking with you to determine your options through a free case evaluation.

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