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Representing Institutional Investors in Securities Litigation and Arbitration Matters

Levin Law represents family offices, customers of multifamily offices, private equity funds, private companies, public companies, asset managers, hedge funds, private investment funds, public investment funds, and pension funds in a wide variety of securities and securities-related litigation and arbitration in Miami.

At Levin Law, we represent the foregoing types of institutional investors who have been victims of fraud, manipulation, or other types of unlawful activity resulting in substantial losses. Our firm handles such complex claims brought by institutional investors.

Our Miami institutional investor claims attorneys are capable and competent legal professionals with a solid understanding of the financial industry, its sophisticated workings, and the laws and regulations governing it. We are devoted to seeking the financial recovery you deserve through appropriate legal methods all the way through litigation.

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Institutional Investor Claims

Institutional investor claims may stem from many types of misconduct that violate state, federal, or international laws. Forms of misconduct may include various types of fraud, such as:

How Levin Law Can Help

If you believe that your institution has suffered damages as a result of the intentional or negligent actions of a financial advisor, stockbroker, investment advisor, or bank, Levin Law will investigate your issues and potential claims to determine if your situation is actionable and, if so, your legal options for recovery. Should litigation be appropriate and you wish to pursue it, our experienced trial lawyers have the experience, industry knowledge, and competence required to prosecute and recover damages in complex institutional investor cases.

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