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Texas Man Charged With Scamming Investors Out of $14m in Ponzi Scheme

Levin Law | 11.3.2020

San Antonio Businessman Charged with Defrauding Retired Police Investors

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced charges against San Antonio-area businessman Victor Lee Farias and his company, Integrity Aviation & Leasing (“IAL”). According to the SEC’s complaint, Farias ran a Ponzi-like scheme that defrauded investors out of $14 million. Many of the investors were officers who had retired from the San Antonio Police Department and other first responders.

The elaborate scheme involved promising investors that IAL would use funds raised from investors to “purchase engines and other aircraft parts for leasing to major airlines.” Unfortunately, many of the retired investors withdrew funds from their retirement account to invest in the self-directed individual retirement account (self-directed IRA). Despite the promise to pay interest quarterly at a 10–12% annual rate of return, IAL failed to deliver. 

The SEC alleges that Farias not only misrepresented “many facets of the offering,” but that he also misappropriated investor funds for personal gain. Nearly half ($6.5 million) of the initial $14 million raised was used to make “bogus, interest payments back to investors.”

Another $2.7 million was used without authorization to finance the construction of a friend’s gas station and convenience store. At least $2.4 million was misused for personal gain, including $800,000 for meals, entertainment, and other luxury purchases. Finally, undisclosed sales commissions of nearly $1 million were paid to IAL’s salespeople.

In total, an estimated 88 investors across five states invested millions with Farias and IAL, resulting in significant losses.  

Risks Associated with Self-Directed IRAs

The SEC had previously warned against the use of self-directed IRAs and the potential for fraud. The investor alert issued in 2018 advised investors that self-directed IRAs could be prone to “fraudulent schemes, high fees and volatile performance” compared with other types of IRAs. Self-directed IRAs can involve alternative assets that can have a high degree of risk. Self-directed IRAs may not provide adequate disclosure regarding the underlying asset or financial information.

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