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San Antonio Pair Plead Guilty in Shocking SIM Swap Scheme

Levin Law | 10.19.2022

SIM Card Hackers Able to Defraud Victims Out of $250k in Cryptocurrency 

A man and woman out of San Antonio, Texas pleaded guilty to federal charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit computer fraud and abuse earlier this month. The plea comes after the pair allegedly stole over $250,000 in cryptocurrency in a multi-faceted SIM card swapping scheme. 

The national cryptocurrency and securities fraud law firm, Levin Law, P.A. (“Levin Law”) represents investors who have sustained financial losses as the result of SIM card swapping schemes or other security failures. Harmed investors are encouraged to contact Levin Law, P.A.  for a free case evaluation. 

Levin Law founder and managing partner Brian Levin has extensive experience handling SIM card hacking and cryptocurrency theft cases. Contact attorney Levin directly by calling (305) 402-9050 or via email at

DOJ Announces Plea in SIM Swap Scheme

According to a press release issued by the United States Department of Justice on October 12, 2022, a San Antonio man has pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and computer fraud and abuse. 

The charges stem from an elaborate SIM card hacking scheme in which 22-year-old Andrew Percy Trujillo and his co-defendant Zena Elisa Dounson defrauded crypto investors out of over $250,000.

As noted by the Department of Justice (DOJ), Dounson, who was employed at AT&T would allow Trujillo to be added as an “authorized user” to other people's accounts. Trujillo would then port the victims’ lines to a new device in a scheme referred to as SIM card hacking. The transfer would allow Trujillo to bypass two-factor authentication security features to gain unauthorized access to the victims’ accounts. 

Increase in SIM Card Hacking Schemes

The DOJ states that fraudulent Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card-swapping schemes are increasingly common. By moving a SIM card to a new device controlled by the bad actor, the hacker is able to answer and respond to text and phone call security authorizations. 

SIM card hacks can deplete the account of a cryptocurrency investor in a matter of minutes. In many cases, the bad actors are working in conjunction with an employee at the cellphone carrier or the hack is the result of a data breach. Trujillo and Dounson (who was employed by AT&T) have pleaded guilty to the same offense. They are scheduled for sentencing on January 5, 2023, and face up to five years in prison. 

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If you were the victim of a SIM card hack or another security failure that resulted in financial losses, contact Levin Law, P.A. for a free case evaluation. Depending on the situation, victims may be eligible to recover damages by filing a lawsuit or through arbitration. Most cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no attorney fees unless money is recovered on your behalf.

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