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Newbridge Securities and GPB Capital Holdings Fraud Investigation

Levin Law | 4.11.2020

Levin Law Is Investigating Newbridge Securities for Recommending GPB Capital Holdings Funds to Their Customers

If you invested in a GPB Capital Holdings Fund, please contact Levin Law immediately.

Levin Law, P.A. (“Levin Law”) is continuing its investigation regarding the due diligence and sales practices of securities brokerage firms that offered, recommended, or sold GPB Capital Holdings, Inc. (“GPB” or “GPB Capital”) funds and other private placement securities.  Levin Law has been retained by many GPB investors who believe that they have suffered losses from their GPB investments.

Levin Law filed another arbitration claim against FINRA-member brokerage firm Newbridge Securities Corporation on behalf of a family who was recommended and sold interests in the GPB Automotive Fund (the “GPB Fund”).  The investors in that case allege that Newbridge Securities failed to conduct adequate due diligence on the GPB Fund prior to recommending and selling such funds to its customers, and also that Newbridge Securities misrepresented and omitted material information when recommending and selling the GPB Fund to the investors in the recently-filed case.

GPB Capital is the subject of several on-going investigations by various state and federal investigators, along with the FBI, over allegations of dubious accounting and sales practices, as well as providing inaccurate disclosures to investors.

GPB funds were sold to investors by financial advisors and stockbrokers associated with many broker-dealers.  Many questions have arisen surrounding the brokerage firms’ due diligence.  FINRA-member brokerage firms and their registered representatives have an obligation to conduct adequate due diligence on securities prior to recommending and selling such investment products to customers.

Levin Law will be filing additional cases involving GPB Holdings Fund, GPB Automotive Portfolio, LP., GPB Holdings II, LP, GPB Waste Management, LP., and other GPB Capital funds.

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