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Lost Money With James Cordier and

Levin Law | 2.21.2019

Levin Law, P.A. (“Levin Law”) is investigating claims against Intl FC Stone (“FCStone”) for financial losses resulting from investments made with James Cordier was the man behind the collapse of Florida hedge fund firm investors were shocked to find that the entirety of their investment with was lost in the fourth quarter of 2018. In addition, many investors were also informed that FCStone claimed that the investors owed it money for alleged margin balances.

Optionsellers failed because it took on enormous amounts of uncompensated risk through large naked call positions in natural gas and sizeable naked put positions in crude oil. To sell a call means that the seller expected the shares of the company sold to reach a target price, which would allow the person who bought your call to purchase the shares at that price. A naked put works inversely. If a trader sells a call without owning the shares of that company, it is “naked” in the sense that the trader now has to buy the shares at its current price and sell them to the call holder at the strike price. Without safeguards to hedge this position, the potential losses are virtually limitless. Ultimately, the risks of the positions came to fruition, and investors lost all money that they entrusted to James Cordier.

In an email to investors, hedge fund manager, James Cordier claimed: “We have spent the week unwinding our natural gas call positions as expediently as possible. Today which was to be the final day of liquidation, the market flared as prices appear to have been caught in a “short squeeze.” Cordier went on to say; “The speed at which it took place is truly beyond anything I have seen in my career. It overran our risk control systems and left us at the mercy of the market. it short, it was a rogue wave, and it overwhelmed us.” It should come as no surprise that this hardly excuses the mismanagement of millions of dollars of client money.

Many investors have already filed lawsuits and arbitration claims against FCStone for losses. Levin Law is interested in speaking with investors who have suffered losses in to bring arbitration claims against FCStone.

Claims Against FCStone:

  • Improperly opening options and margin accounts for customers who should not have been invested in options
  • Failing to safeguard client funds through proper supervision and oversight
  • Failing to ensure adequate safeguards would be in place to protect investor capital from catastrophic losses
  • Failing to utilize risk-management strategies to safeguard customer assets
  • Failing to adequately inform investors of the risk of their investments
  • General mismanagement of customer funds

Contact Levin Law to Recover your Losses

If you invested your money with and suffered financial losses by James Cordier, Levin Law may be able to help you recover your investment losses through an arbitration claim, which is similar to a lawsuit. Similarly, if you have faced debt collection practices from FCStone, you should seek legal counsel immediately to cease harassing collection methods.

If you are interested in pursuing claims against FCStone to recover your losses, contact Levin Law at for a free consultation to determine whether you can take legal action to recoup your losses.

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