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Use of this website does not in any capacity or manner establish an attorney-client relationship. It is strictly for educational and informational purposes. Sending and receiving information through this website does not constitute an attorney-client relationship or an offer of representation between the user and Levin Law, P.A. (“Levin Law”). The content of this website is not and should not be considered legal advice. 

By using this website you agree to the terms and conditions presented below. If you do not want to be bound by the terms and conditions listed below, you should not continue to access or use this website. 

Website Ownership

The website is owned and operated by Levin Law, P.A. located at 1665 South Bayshore Dr., PH2B, Miami, Florida 33133. Use of this website is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. By using this website you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. Levin Law maintains the right to modify the terms and conditions of this website at any time. Individual notice of changes to these terms is not required. 

No Attorney-Client Privilege

Contacting this website does not establish attorney-client privilege. The use of the “Live Chat” feature, online contact form, or email submission does not create an attorney-client relationship. Due to the nature of online communication, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Any communication sent to Levin Law, P.A. is considered an initiation for contact with an attorney and may not be secure or confidential.

Attorney Advertising Disclaimer

In some jurisdictions, this website may be considered AN ATTORNEY ADVERTISEMENT. The choice of an attorney is a critically important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements. Users of this site should not act on the basis of the content located within this website. Due to the sensitive nature of legal matters, users should always speak to an attorney without relying on the information provided through the internet. The content provided herein is general, and not intended to give legal advice.

The attorney responsible for the operation of this website is Brian Levin of Levin Law, P.A. Levin Law, P.A. is located at 1665 South Bayshore Dr., PH2B, Miami, Florida 33133. Levin Law also operates an office located at 41000 Woodward Ave, Ste 350, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 by appointment only. Attorney Brian Levin of Levin Law, P.A. is licensed to practice law in Florida and Michigan.  Levin Law has additional attorneys employed in other jurisdictions.  If Levin Law seeks to represent you in a jurisdiction where they are not licensed and an ethical or court rule requires us to associate with other counsel in order to represent you, we will do so.

Users of this website agree to hold harmless Levin Law P.A. for any losses resulting from reliance on the information contained within this website. Levin Law disclaims all liability related to acts or omissions by a user relying on content provided on this site. 

Third-Party Links and Websites

This website may contain links to third-party websites that are not operated or managed by Levin Law. Third-party links are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement. Furthermore, Levin Law is not responsible for the content displayed on any third-party website not maintained by the firm.

Client Testimonials and Results Disclaimer

Past results and client testimonials provided on this site are provided solely to show the experience of the firm. Past results do not guarantee future outcomes. Information provided in the client testimonial and results pages of this website should not be relied upon to act or refrain from acting on any legal matter. 

Actions or omissions should only be taken after careful consideration and with review of an attorney retained to handle the legal issue. Client testimonials and case results listed on this website do not serve as a prediction or guarantee of success or specific results.  

No Promise of Confidentiality

The use of this website or any contact form, chat feature, or other link available on this site does not establish an attorney-client relationship. The information sent to the firm via these methods is not considered confidential and is not protected by attorney-client privilege. A user should not submit time-sensitive or confidential information via this website or contact forms. 

An attorney-client relationship is not established until all potential conflicts of interest have been resolved and a retainer agreement has been signed between the firm and the prospective client. Prior to the establishment of an attorney-client relationship no promise or guarantee of confidentiality has been made. 

General Disclaimer/Continued Use Agreement

This website is provided as a general informational service to the public. It is not meant to convey legal advice and should not be relied upon. The content provided on this website may contain errors, be incorrect, incomplete, or contain inaccuracies. The content provided in this website may not reflect the most up-to-date legal information.  

Levin Law is not responsible for any damage resulting from reliance on the information or content provided within this website. No warranty, express or implied, is created by this website or any of the articles provided within. The content provided within this website is done so, “as-is” with no guarantee or representation that it is without error.

The website and its contents are provided for private, non-commercial use only. Users must comply with all state and federal copyright laws. Continued use of this website and any related contact forms signifies acceptance of the terms and conditions provided herein. 

The website and content within are not and should not be considered a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney. Individuals hoping to resolve a legal matter should seek advice from a qualified attorney within their jurisdiction. 

Consent to Receive Text Messages, SMS, and Whatsapp

You agree that you are expressly authorizing the Firm (and any party acting on behalf of the Firm) to contact you at the mobile phone numbers you have provided and may provide to us in the future. You agree that the Firm may use automatic telephone dialing systems in connection with text messages sent to your phone. You will promptly notify the Firm in the event you change your phone number(s). Your consent to receive text messages, SMS, and WhatsApp cannot be revoked unless in writing to the Firm.

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