TCA Global Credit Master Fund Lawsuit Investigation

Levin Law is Investigating Brokerage Firms, Investment Advisors, Banks, and Other Financial Institutions That Recommended or Sold TCA Global Credit Funds to Their Customers

If you invested in a TCA Global Credit Fund, TCA Global Credit Master Fund, or any other TCA Fund (“TCA Global,” “TCA Credit,” “TCA Management,” or “TCA Fund”) through a brokerage firm, registered investment advisor, or bank, contact Levin Law, P.A. immediately.

Levin Law, P.A. (“Levin Law”) is investigating brokerage firms, investment advisors, banks and other financial institutions that recommended and sold TCA Global Funds to their customers following multiple whistleblower complaints filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”) alleging that TCA Global has been inflating its fund’s assets and earnings since 2017 and an SEC probe into TCA’s accounting practices.

As reported by Bloomberg Law on January 23, 2020, TCA Fund Management Group announced that it is shutting down its main credit hedge fund, TCA Global Credit Master Fund. That announcement came after news reports that TCA employees filed a whistleblower complaint with the SEC, alleging that the firm has been inflating its hedge fund’s assets and earnings since 2017.

Reuters also reported that TCA was liquidating its main investment fund amidst a U.S. securities investigation related to its accounting practices, according to a client and documents reviewed by Reuters.   Reuters also reported that TCA sent a letter to investors stating that it was suspending clients’ access to cash as they had asked for more money than was available.   Reuters reported that the letter stated: “In light of these redemption requests and the increasing illiquid nature of the Funds … as well as issues relating to accounting and revenue recognition policies that have been raised in connection with an ongoing SEC investigation … the Investment Manager has determined that the continued operation of the Funds is no longer commercially viable,” the letter said.

TCA investors are now concerned that they could suffer meaningful losses from their investments in TCA.

According to public filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) website, securities brokerage firms across the country sold or who disclosed that they might be selling TCA-issued funds. Brokerage firms and other financial institutions have a duty to their customers to make sure that securities, including private placements and hedge funds, are recommended only to investors for whom they are suitable. In addition, securities broker-dealers have an obligation to conduct due diligence on private placement securities prior to the offering, recommending, or selling them to customers. If your brokerage firm, investment advisor, bank, or other financial institution recommended and sold any TCA Global fund to you, it is possible that your brokerage firm or other financial institution violated certain duties owed to you. If that is the case, you may be able to sue your brokerage firm in a FINRA arbitration or other proceeding and recover damages.

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Brokerage Firms That May Have Sold TCA Global

According to the public filings on the SEC website, the following securities brokerage firms were listed as firms who disclosed that they would possibly TCA Global funds to their customers:

If you invested in TCA Global Credit Funds through any brokerage firm, contact Levin Law for a free evaluation.