SEC Awards $3.6 Million to Whistleblower

July 19, 2021 Author: Brian Levin
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Whistleblower’s Information Led to Successful SEC Enforcement Action

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced a $3.6 million award for a whistleblower whose information led to a successful enforcement action. To date, the Whistleblower Program has awarded over $900 million to whistleblowers across the country.

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Whistleblower Awards

When information and assistance provided by a whistleblower leads to a successful SEC enforcement action, the individual may be entitled to receive 10% to 30% of the monetary sanctions received where the monetary sanction exceeds $1 million. Whistleblower awards are paid through an investor protection fund so that no money is taken or withheld from harmed investors.

On May 12, 2021, the SEC announced that it had awarded a whistleblower $3.6 million after their information helped to open a new investigation into wrongdoing. In addition, the whistleblower provided ongoing assistance to the SEC throughout the investigation resulting in a successful enforcement action. 

Receiving Compensation Through the Whistleblower Program

Whistleblowers must provide information that is original, timely, and credible. It is generally in the whistleblower’s best interest to retain counsel in order to protect their interests and their right to compensation. Since its inception, the program has issued several multi-million dollar awards, including a $114 million payout to a single whistleblower in October 2020.

Whistleblower identities and any companies involved in the actions are kept confidential. The SEC provides a heavily redacted order regarding any whistleblower amounts. Information presented by insiders can help to return millions of dollars to harmed investors who have suffered losses as a result of fraud and other securities laws violations.

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