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The need for a corporate divorce arises when business owners can no longer agree on how to resolve internal disputes concerning business operations. In such cases, the owners of the business often need to break up the business.  Often times, a lawsuit or multiple lawsuits are filed against or among the business owners to determine how to break up the business, or in some instances, buying out or “firing” one or more of the business owners.  Litigating corporate divorce matters is complex, often emotional, and must be handled by an attorney with extensive experience handling corporate divorce matters.  Entire families and generations may be involved with decades of history between them.

If you and your business partners are facing a dispute where the disagreements have become irreconcilable, you should hire experienced outside legal counsel immediately.  Levin Law’s managing partner, Brian Levin, has extensive experience litigating corporate divorce and business dissolution cases. Our Miami corporate divorce attorneys are creative and adept at developing workable cases and exit strategies and using whatever legal methods may be necessary to achieve them, from the initial negotiation and throughout litigation.

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Corporate Divorce -- How to Achieve It

Corporate divorces often involve many separate but related litigation matters.  And ultimately, the conclusion of a corporate divorce can be dictated by the type of business entity involved, the contracts and agreements signed, the law applicable to the business entity, and the reasonableness of the parties involved.

When owners cannot agree on the terms of separation, how to resolve their disagreements, or buy/sell arrangements, lawsuits may ensue. Each corporate divorce case involves a unique set of circumstances and personalities which must be taken into account to address an already complicated scenario.

Corporate or business divorce may involve:

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Whatever the circumstances or the nature of the disagreements you face with your partners and your business, Levin Law is here to help you reach a solution that works best for you. Our firm is dedicated to unraveling the legal problems of business owners in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

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