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Effective Legal Representation for Commodities Fraud

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is a federal regulatory agency that was established to regulate commodity futures trading. Later, the National Futures Association (NFA) was set up as a self-regulatory organization responsible for the oversight of the futures trading industry, including commodities.

The commodities industry employs a process of arbitration to resolve disputes between customers and members through arbitration. Many cases involve claims against Introducing Brokers (IB), Futures Commission Merchants (FCM) and their agents who may excessively trade or churn their customers’ accounts, make unsuitable investment advice, and misrepresent facts to customers. In such instances, Our Miami commodities arbitration and litigation lawyers can help.

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Arbitration Process

The NFA Arbitration process is generally more expeditious and less costly than litigation. During the arbitration process, both parties present their arguments and supporting documentary evidence to a panel that is comprised of impartial arbitrators, trained in the issues in controversy, who decides how the matter should be resolved. A Party to the arbitration can represent themselves or retain a Miami lawyer skilled in this particular area of litigation.

If you have been a victim of commodities fraud, it is in your best interests to bring your case to an attorney who is qualified to handle this complex legal matter. At Levin Law, our Miami commodities arbitration and litigation attorneys have a full working knowledge of how to investigate and represent investors in commodities and NFA arbitration and litigation. Levin Law’s diligence and tenacity can help you recover your financial losses.

Legal commodities arbitration and litigation Assistance from Levin Law

As experienced trial lawyers, our law firm can help you resolve your commodities fraud dispute in an NFA arbitration. Your first step in any futures industry dispute is to have your case reviewed by a Miami commodities fraud lawyer at our firm. We can assess your situation to determine your legal options and move forward with appropriate action on your behalf.

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