Miami Broker Theft Attorneys

Recovering Losses From Broker Theft and Financial Fraud

Unfortunately, many brokers, brokerage firms and financial advisors engage in unethical and unprofessional behavior. Broker theft, forgery, financial fraud and other forms of criminal activity do occur that taint the entire profession. A common example is stealing from elderly investors who may have little sophistication or capacity when it comes to their financial portfolio. When broker theft occurs, resolute legal action should follow under the guidance of a trusted Miami broker theft and financial fraud attorney experienced in securities arbitration, litigation, and financial industry legal matters.

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Broker Theft and Financial Fraud Cases

Broker theft can occur in many ways. Engaging the services of a Miami broker theft and financial fraud attorney, who is adept at handling complex financial industry cases and the procedures involved for monetary recovery, is imperative to help you recover your money.

Statistics indicate that investors who are represented by experienced attorneys have a much better chance of recovery than those who do not. Levin Law has a strong track record of success in obtaining meaningful compensation for wronged investors.

Types of broker theft include:

Recovering Compensation for Defrauded Investors

Regulations and laws have been enacted to protect investors in cases of broker misconduct. Claims must be filed, however, and most of these claims are resolved in securities arbitration. At Levin Law, our seasoned trial lawyers have in-depth knowledge and experience in handling such arbitration. Our Miami broker theft and financial fraud lawyers know how to fight for you with well-prepared and compelling representation.

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